"We just felt like we wanted to do more in our industry.  We already have donated time, product and money to many charities but there is always room for more in my opinion, and what better way is there than to make products for the cause so people receive something in return for giving? At our office, strays are always walking up to our door, and it's so hard to say no. The problem is definitely rising, so we want to raise awareness and help in any way we possibly can."

     -Megan Miquelon Bolton, Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Metro Paws LLC & the Love and Licks Foundation

The Love and Licks® Foundation
is one paw of the
Metro Paws® Pack.

 Proceeds of all Love and Licks® products help prevent the unnecessary killing of dogs in shelters across America.

When you buy any Love and Licks® products, YOU are helping save lives.

As a non-profit organization, we are grateful to receive donations that help us meet our goal of giving ALL pups a chance. WOOF!

Thank you for visiting us, for all of your support, and for helping us