To our friends at Metro Paws/Love and Licks,

Thank you so much, Megan, for your amazingly generous donation to Needy Paws' first trivia night.  Your generous donation helped make our night even more special.  We had over 330 people there and raised more than $17,000.  

Nicole & the Needy Paws Family


Dear Megan and Jon,
Thank you so much for Mama...our new bundle of sunshine.  
It is heartwarming to know that your foundation is rescuing dogs from such hardship.  Your patience and nurturing during Mama's rescue and recovery is evident. Your thoughtful approach to the adoption process helped us understand the commitment we were making to being her forever family. Your caring attention to detail eased the transition of taking her home. 
Warmest Regards,
Laura, Rick, Danielle and Madeline

"Metro Paws/Love & Licks Foundation has been a part of the Found Animals family since the inception of Adopt & Shop in Culver City. Since then, they've been a tremendous partner in multiple Found Animals endeavors including sponsoring dog obedience classes for some of our long term adoptable pets, donating thousands to animal welfare organizations across the country during the 2015 Saving Pets Challenge, donating their signature products for store giveaways and events, and best of all, rescuing "Butterscotch" from life on the streets and sponsoring her medical care until she found her forever home. Metro Paws/Love & Licks Foundation is a wonderful organization committed to changing the lives of dogs in shelters. " 

Aimee Gilbreath
Executive Director 
Found Animals Foundation 

Dear Jon & Megan,

As the coordinator of this year's saving pets challenge, I just wanted to thank you again for your donation of the $2,500+ of Poopy Packs.  Your generosity and commitment to bettering the lives of pets is amazing and we appreciate it so much.

We ended the challenge with more money raised, better awareness and best of all, and increase in the ability of the participating organizations to save more lives.

So thanks again, and know that the work you do has a direct effect on the pets in shelters and the animal welfare community as a whole!


Jennifer P